I referred my friend and haven't received my rewards!

When you refer a friend from within the app, you will not receive any rewards until your friend downloads the app and signs up as a new VIP member. 

Your friend must sign up using the same email address that you referred, and you must refer them before they sign up as a VIP member.

*Please note: eGifts are issued 24hrs after signup*

Common reasons why you haven't received reward points:

  • Your friend downloaded and registered in the app, but has not yet activated his or her account.
  • The email address that you submitted with your referral does not match the email address that your friend used to register.
  • You submitted your referral after your friend had already signed up in the app.


What to do if you still have not received your points:

Send us a message and let us know what you think went wrong. We will need your friend's email address as well. Then we can take a look in the system, see if we can correct the issue, and get you your points!

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