My VIP app wasn't scanned at checkout!

Our VIP program requires that the VIP card in the app on your phone be scanned at the time of purchase. We need our sale systems to synchronize with our mobile app systems in order to make sure the purchases are legitimate.

If you experienced a technical problem, please send us a message and let us know what went wrong. Please also make sure to hold onto your receipts. 

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    Thomas drave

    Im still not getting my messages. on my app for my Galaxy Note-2. the bell shows notifications, but notification screen is still blank. I'm missing out on good stuff, and going to other stores......... HELP!

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    Hello I went today to buy some thing at the union store but the cashier didn't scanned my vip card

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    Italiaavila that's my emaill

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    Hyacinth jame

    I set in my receipts to try to get my point was having problems when I made the purchase to date nothing, still waiting

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    James Livingston

    Having trouble downloading the app couldn't get my points or discount after buying a 900.00 IMac used computer they would not except a screen shot
    I couldn't raise app old email
    New account PLEASE HELP

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    Perdi mi VIP in mi cell

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